Details & Decoration

My aim at every wedding is to focus on capturing high-quality, detailed shots of the decorations and finer details, ensuring every element is beautifully preserved in the photographs.

Getting Ready

We had a tight window of 10-15 minutes for the getting ready shots, but our mood board kept us on track. As soon as we got the chance, we quickly snapped those stunning moments. My associate took great shots of the groom and his friends, while I captured the bride with her sisters and best friends, making sure to catch all the excitement and joy in those precious minutes.

Makeup & hair: @elizabethwhiteartistry

First Look

Emma and Levi's first look was a truly beautiful moment. We guided Levi to the garden, his eyes closed, to ensure the surprise was perfectly preserved. The initial hug, with eyes still shut, was a tender moment we captured with care. Giving the couple a few minutes to savor their connection, we then prompted Levi to open his eyes for the 'first look'. His reaction was genuinely priceless. Following this, they shared intimate speeches, filled with tears and declarations of love. As their photographer, my focus was on capturing these heartfelt expressions so they can relive these precious memories through the photos for years to come.

Couple Session

Our plan to capture stunning sunset photos faced a challenge with the unexpected Seattle rain. Determined to deliver amazing portraits for the couple, I took it upon myself to improvise. Utilizing my lighting equipment, I transformed the session, creating images that boasted a studio-clean look. The result? The clients absolutely loved them, proving that even with a change in plans, beautiful moments can still be masterfully captured.